Monday, January 01, 2007

Umm. Let's see. Oh, yeah. It's Monday again. I like Monday. It's one of the days that I don't go for an early morning walk. I'm not going today, probably, unless I get too stir crazy. If I do go I'll have to take a new, different route. My usual route includes Colorado Blvd. Can't go there today. It's filled with out-of-towners who've come here for the annual extraganza known as The Rose Parade. (Happy New Year, before I forget.)

It was loud all night. A couple of different bands played in the Carl's Jr. parking lot, with varying degrees of success. I had thought about going to bed eary but when I went into the bedroom the noise (cacaphony) was just too much. So I knit for as long as I could and then had a second snack and played Free Cell until the big moment when everyone screamed, shouted and tooted that blasted tuba thing that someone brings every year.

And then I crashed until 4:15 AM when Patrick decided I'd slept long enough and that he wanted me to walk him to his dish and afterwards he'd like a nice long brushing session. Nothing new in that. We do that every day. So here I am, waiting for the parade. It doesn't get this far until around 9. I may go see if I can get anywhere near it. Or I may just watch it on TV.

Happy New Year! again. I'm actually enthusiastic about starting a new year. There's no obvious reason for my enthusiasm. Maybe it's just because I now have more free time and can actually imagine taking on some bigger projects. Bigger than socks and scarves. Not that there won't still be socks. Maybe it's because I'm really happy with the new teaching gig. Whatever the reason(s), I'm going to do my best to hold onto this feeling.

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