Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I started the Besotted Scarf. I don't think I'm going to continue, however. It may be that the yarn I'm using is too firm for this scarf or maybe I need to use a larger needle. It just seems too stiff to drape nicely and it's a bit more attention demanding than I want for a take-a-long project. Nice pattern though.

Blogger has been bugging me to switch to the new format. So, finally, I decided I'd give it a try. I took the tour and it seemed like the new version would have some nice features (that I will maybe be able to understand). So I clicked on the switch button. Can't switch to new Blogger right now. The reason given is that there are too many people being switched so they can't handle the volume. Then my backbutton wouldn't work so I couldn't exit. Kinda makes me wonder if it's going to be all that wonderful.

Sorting patterns and recycling yarns can have some nice side effects. I found two store credits for Skein that I had forgotten. So on Sunday I hied me over there and did a bit of shopping. I needed some Encore for Dulaan hats and some Dale of Norway Daletta for some demi-fingered gloves. And there was a new book. Favorite Socks from Interweave. I had seen the ads for this book but was surprised that Skein already had it.

So far I really like it. A few of the patterns are familiar because I have seen them in the IK magazine, but some are brand new, designed by Ann Budd, especially for this book. And a few of the patterns are from older IK mags as well as a couple of their other pubs and I had never seen them. So I'm slowly going through each of the patterns to see which ones I want to get started on right away. Meanwhile I think I'll see if I can finish those bamboo socks. I'm about half way down the foot of the second one. I don't know why they're taking so long, except I'm not all that crazy about the yarn.