Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A productive day even if it doesn't show all that much. Except for the balcony windows. I cleaned those for the first time in a long time. The cat was fascinated. He couldn't believe the window was still there.

Then I cleared off another shelf in the closet that I'm going to use to store most of my stash. I found several old projects that I had forgotten. All had been abandoned for various reasons. Two of them I started before I moved to Pasadena seventeen years ago.

I'm not one to throw away yarn so I spent much of the day ripping. One piece was a very fuzzy mohair so that took quite a while. Had to do it by hand. I'm planning to recycle that yarn to make Cloud Hats for the Dulaan project. Maybe not all of it since there's enough for at least a shawl. So I'll make as many hats as I can stand.

The other old project was a ribbed sweater. I had to take it apart first. Then I used the ball winder to ravel the stitches. It took longer to undo the seams. That yarn will probably also be used in Dulaan projects.

I finished to glove repair tonight. Now I'm looking for my 24" size 4 circulars so I can do the neckband on the tweed sweater. I knew where it was before I started all this organizing but I sure can't find it now.

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