Thursday, January 11, 2007

Every once in a while, say every four or five years, I get the urge to sort my needles. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. I found the sleeves for all of my dpns that are not in use and got those put away in a small cardboard box. The needles at left are ones that I couldn't find a sleeve for either because I've lost it or, in the case of the short ones, they are needles that were given to me without sleeves.

These are sleeves for which I have no needles. There are two size 4US, one size 5, five size 6, six size 7, six size 8, one size 9, one size 10, one size 11 and one size 15. And that's just the Clover. I'm not sure what this means except there must be a lot of incomplete projects hiding somewhere. I have a few Plymouth sleeves too that don't have needles in them but I think I can account for most of them.

And here are the empty circular needle sleeves. More unaccounted for projects no doubt. I don't use circulars unless I have to, especially bamboo. Hate that miserable bump at the join. I don't know why I have so many empty sleeves because I have a lot that are matched up and stored in their own separate cardboard box.

These are the homeless, undocumented circulars. Most of these were given to me without sleeves and include some flexi-needles. I don't know what those are for. Guess they're sort of a cross between a straight needle and a circular for when you need a longer needle but don't like circulars. I need to figure out how to store these so they don't get all mixed up and so I know what I have.

Needles sure have gone up in price. Some of those Clovers were selling for around $4.50US when I got them. They're double that or more these days. And Addis! I'm glad I'm not addicted to those. If I have to use a circular I try to find some old Susan Bates Quicksilvers or Inox.

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