Monday, January 29, 2007

I may have to give up jalapenos. Thanks to a bunch of roasted ones that I had on Saturday night I wasn't able to sleep much past one o'clock. So I got up and finished my Irish Hiking Scarf. It could have been longer I suppose but it'll be just fine for my morning walks. At least until the weather is warm enough again so I don't need a scarf.

I used some wool that I recycled from an old sweater. I have lots left so I'm probably going to be making The Besotted Scarf. You gotta love free patterns. Especially ones that offer a bit more than just garter stitch or stockinette. And I'm currently enjoying cabling without a cable needle so both of these patterns are perfect for a little practice.

I haven't touched the aran sweater in at least a week. I've been sorting old projects and ripping them where indicated. I did fit in a quick hat using some Trendsetter Stripes. The colors are totally washed out but after four tries I gave up and went with the best of the lot. The background grey knitting is a project from four or five years ago that I'm recycling into an as yet to be determined something. Ripping isn't all that hard except this is two strands held together that I'm separating as I go. That'll take a while.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to the patterns. I printed out Besotted and the Irish Hiking scarf.