Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's all over but the cleaning up. I didn't go to the parade yesterday. I meant to but once I saw the great crowd of the unwashed I went back inside and stayed there until everyone had left the boulevard.

There's always an amazing amount of trash. This is only a sample. I did go for a walk in the afternoon. Believe me there were a lots of places that were much worse. It'll be a couple of days before the city can get it all cleared away. Other than that it's back to normal around here. Well, there's still the grandstands that need to be torn down and stored for another year.

So. What did I do while I wasn't watching the parade? I finished knitting the second sleeve of a sweater. Actually it was the first sleeve but I had to rip the cap shaping and redo it. Then I made a hat while I watched "Angels in America" for the second time. A productive day after all.

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