Monday, January 08, 2007

No photos today. I did take a couple but they weren't successful. At least not enough so that I'd use them.

I spent most of Saturday working on the aran sweater. I'm almost to the end of the front yolk part and will then do the same thing on the back. That's probably a few weeks away so I'll wait until then to try for some progress shots.

I also got the new Sock That Rock yarn wound and cast on some stitches to see how it was going to look. Not enough to show yet plus I'm not sure what kind of stitch pattern I want. I think something lacey will be good.

And I ripped a sock that I've been struggling with for the past couple of weeks. Not with the knitting. The yarn. It just isn't something I can get used to. I kept telling myself I'd grow to like it. It just kept getting uglier and uglier. So that's over. Rewound and put away. And then I worked on another pair of socks that have been lingering. I sure do have lots of projects that need to be finished.

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