Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's not too late.

I think everyone knows Stephanie. I mean, the woman is practically a household word, at least in knitting circles. I actually know a couple of other people named Stephanie but if someone says Stephanie to me, it's always that Stephanie that comes to mind. She's absolutely one of the most inspiring of bloggers that I know. She gets way more comments in a single day than I get hits in a week.

Remember the Knitting Olympics from earlier this year? That was her doing. And remember how she got a lot of people motivated to donate to Doctors Without Borders during the tsunami disaster two years ago? Well, she's up to it again. You can read all about it on her blog. Just search her December 2006 archives. I think it's somewhere around the 6th. (Forgive me but I'm too old and lazy to figure out how to do the permalink thing.) In essence she's asking us to imagine that we've added a new family member and that we need to include them in our gift giving. Which I think most of us would really try to do even if we could only spend a small amount.

Now, imagine that this new family member was someone you didn't know personally but you could still include them on your list of people you want to gift. You can make a donation to Doctors Without Borders (just Google it) or you can find a link on Stephanie's blog that will take you to a page that gives you all the information you need on how to make a contribution. It's really easy. I mean, I did it and I had no problem so you know it's got to be simple.

It's never to late to remember the plight of others. But if you can do this before the end of the year it's also a great tax deduction. (If you're motivated by that sort of thing.)I think the goal is getting closer and closer. Maybe you'll be the one that puts it over the top.

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