Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Brrr! It's really cold here right now. There was ice on the sidewalk in a couple of places this morning when I went for my walk. And there was rain mixed with sunshine, I mean at the same time, off and on throughout the day. Right now it's 37F here in Pasadena. Perhaps not cold by your standards but definitely cold for us.

But it was a perfect day to open my last Christmas present. I got a "gift certificate" from Mendy for a lunch and yarn shop hop and today was the day. The two shops we went to did not open until noon so we had an early lunch at Montana Cafe, on Montana in Santa Monica. Great food, nice decor and good service. I had a sandwich with buffalo cheese, or is it buffala (that's the way it was spelled on the menu). That was new to me. And worth it, even if it's not an approved food.

Since we were in Santa Monica we went to Wild Fiber first. I hadn't been there for at least five years. Wow! Has is grown! Lots and lots of yarns, of course, including several from Australia. We were looking for Socks That Rock, and there was a space for it on the shelf, but there wasn't any.

I got to chat briefly with Mel Clark, the owner, and co-author of Knit 2 Together. I was flattered that she remembered me, even the shop where I was teaching at the time.

I didn't buy any yarn. Just a set of size 1US Crystal Palace dpns. I think those are my favorite needles.

Our second stop was at A Mano in Mar Vista, just down the road from Venice and Santa Monica. My first time there. I had met the owner, Shannita Williams, back when we did the first Knit-Out in Santa Monica. It's a small shop but is crammed with yarn and other knitting and crochet accessories. I'm hoping to get back there before too long. They have Sunday hours and it's very close to where my friend Robert lives. A good, if dangerous, combination.

Shannita asked if I'd be interested in teaching a men's knitting class. Yeah. I'm interested but it's a long way to drive. I'll have to get some more details before I can make a decision.

I only bought three hanks of Koigu. My collection grows. One of these days I'll have to actually try it.

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