Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I did finish the back of the Tweed Sweater. There's not much to tell about it. Just stockinette with some ribbing on the sides. I've started the front and am debating whether to do some sort of decorative thing up around the neck.

The color is actually a bit more rust than you see here. I really need a new camera so I can get better detail shots. The zoom feature on my current one seems to have ceased functioning. There is currently no budget for a new camera.

While we were at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company yesterday I came across a new sock yarn. Well, it's new to me. So I had to have some, just for research you know. It's a fairly standard mix of wool, cotton and nylon that will knit up into stripes. Nothing unusual except it's a new label.

And another new to me color. This is Noro 124. I've never seen it before but I expect, because of the number, that it's not new to them. Seven skeins that I got while we were at Velona's. Not enough for a sweater but maybe another multi-directional scarf and a couple of hats for Dulaan 2007.

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