Friday, June 09, 2006

We have wild parrots around here. They're really, really noisy as they fly from place to place around the San Gabriel Valley.

I had never seen them up close until this morning. While I was out walking I came across about six of them. Four of them seemed to be fighting over something while two others sat on a power line and squawked their approval or disapproval. Not sure which. They're pretty good sized birds. Bigger than a robin but not quite as big as a crow. I wouldn't want to run into a bunch of them that were really angry.

Anyway it broke the monotony of the morning walk. You don't realize how hilly Pasadena is until you walk it. What seem like flat streets turn out to be slow uphill climbs. But the way back is much easier. I'm finally at a point where I can walk without my legs feeling like they're going to collapse. I guess it's time to add another mile or at least a few more blocks.

I went to the yarn sale yesterday. I didn't buy anything. That's the second time that's happened recently. Should I worry? There was lots of stuff I would have liked to buy but nothing that really insisted that I bring it home. A friend went with me and he got some yarn for a vest and we met Mendy and had lunch at The Peach. Nice, relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

And then knitting group last night. I spent most of the time ripping and reknitting the same two rows. I kept adding yarnovers where there weren't supposed to be any. So no real progress on the shrug. But I do have a new pair of socks started.

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