Thursday, June 22, 2006

It is not true that I enjoy telling my students that they have to rip out. If that were so yesterday would have been a total delight instead of the sad, depressing day it was. Of the four students that I saw only one didn't have to completely start over and she had already started to rip before she came in. I just showed her a more efficient way to do it.

I did have a few friends that stopped by to sit and knit for a while. And that was cheerful. But several of the people I usually see on Wednesday did not show. It's been very slow of late so when there's no one to chat with the day is pretty long. Add to that that I couldn't access my browser yesterday morning so I had no idea what was going on in by blog world. Major bad! But when I got home there was a message from Alamitos Bay Yarn Company that some buttons I've been waiting for have arrived. Now I just need to round up someone to go with me to Long Beach to get them. Raise your hand if you're interested.