Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pat the Cat loves it when I have several days off in a row. He gets lots of brush time. That's especially nice right now given the heat and humidity. Poor cat does nothing but flop around in whatever cool place he can find. And, of course, come and interrupt my catnaps. I brush him three or four times a day and he's still pushing out hair. But he's happy I'm here.

He's really going to be happy next week. Skein will be closed for its annual summer vacation from July 2 through July 11. I don't have any plans for those days so Patrick will get to see lots of me, and the brush. I'll be taking house calls for anyone who might be interested. Locally, that is.

I thought I had finished the back of the tweed stockinette sweater. It came up about and inch shorter than I was expecting. When I went back and checked my Sweater Wizard patterns I found I had misremembered the number of rows. Still six to go and then I'll have the right length. So that's what I'll be doing today.

After I get home from a mini-yarn crawl.

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