Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yesterday was Dulaan Project Knitting Day. There were only three of us instead of the more usual six or seven. Still it was nice. Pepper pot soup for lunch with a delicious, low-cholesterol bundt cake for dessert. I finished the back of the magenta sweater and got most of the rib for the front done.

Since I've decided that I'll just knit on Dulaan projects on Mondays, and I had several hours before Monday was over, I started another pair of mittens. I'm using some of the Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted that I got last December when Stitch in Time has their year end knitting yarn sale. Or I might have got this at Velona's. Anyway, I like the yarn a lot. I had the red left over from an earlier pair. The heathered grey will have plenty left over for another pair or maybe part of a hat.

I still find thumb/gusset joins to be awkward but I'm hoping with practice there will be some improvement. That's what happened when I first started making socks. Anyway, thumbs up.

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