Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No photos today and not much actual knitting content. I made a house call* last night. A friend of mine who is new to knitting asked me to come over to show her how to seam and to also interpret a pattern. It was excruciating! She's not real familiar with needle and thread so that was a challenge but she did a really nice job. The excruciating part was all on my side. The temptation to just take the sweater and sew it was severe. But I resisted. And I guess we're both better for that. She still had the second sleeve and the underarm/side seams to go but I think she'll be fine.

Speaking of excruciating, when is this walking thing going to get easier? I've had people who are in a position to know, assure me that it will get easier. They just don't know when. I added another block, which is uphill, to my walk this morning. I began to doubt if I'd make it home. Well, obviously I did. It's hard to describe how self-righteous I feel.

* House calls might be a good option. I get to keep all the money.

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