Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm working today. The regular Tuesday teacher has some business she needs to take care of. So I'll be there from about eleven until closing. I sure hope it's busier than it was last week. It was soooo sloooow! No one came in on Friday and only two students on Saturday. Saturday is usually really crazy.

But in all that down time I managed to finish the circles I've been making for the Circles Felted Bag. Well, actually, I just used all the yarn that came in the kit. I still need eight more rings. Ann Mary has called the supplier and left a message but no one has called back. So that project is on hold until I get more yarn.

I've started a couple of hats for the Dulaan project. I'll take them with me today just in case there's no traffic. We haven't taken an inventory yet but it looks like we'll have three large boxes of hats and sweaters to send to Flagstaff in mid June. I've recruited another member for our Monday group. Yesterday was his first day. It's difficult for most people to make it on Mondays but since he's a teacher he has this week off because of spring break.

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