Monday, April 17, 2006

Most of the students I work with on a frequent basis have heard about the Dulaan Project at least once. Some of them have been contributing hats. So here are some of the ones that have been volunteered.

Andy's Kidfinder hat. I think this is a hoot! The yarn is either Red Heart or Caron. The pattern is from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch, the Canadian Hat.

This hat is knit in Sirdar's Snowflake. Have you ever tried to knit with that stuff? Just don't drop a stitch is all I can say. Bettie donated this hat partly because she was disappointed that the stitch pattern didn't show up. I could have told her that.

Jane made this hat using some yarn leftover from a sweater she knit for one of her niece's. It's Schaefer Elaine. She had the yarn left over because she had to buy another whole skein in order to finish the second sleeve.

And here's one I knit this weekend. Sam's Hat from Mission Falls book Wee Knits. I'm planning to make this one again using the Mission Falls cotton, if I can find it, and the sweater that goes with it. One of my students is having a baby in a few weeks so this will be for her new son.

And finally, a hat I made last week using the remains of a skein of Woolease and some of the multi-color Encore that I've been using in several of the hats. I still have two skeins of that. I'm really getting tired of it.

In other news. I talked to the diabetes educator today. She was very pleased with my latest set of glucose numbers. So, if I'm very good and continue with the diet and exercise program as set, I'll be able to avoid having to add yet another medication to my daily intake. I don't think I'd better have any more lemon meringue tarts for a while.

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