Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Due to the dearth of knitting news, the paucity, the anti-plethora, there is almost nothing to say today. I'm about halfway through the back of the baby sweater, all seed stitch, I worked about 36 rows on the magenta sweater I'm knitting for Dulaan and I'm about ready to decrease for the finger tips on the first mitten. That's about it.

I did have to go somewhere this morning and that took about four hours of knitting time. It was time for my "full-body check" at the dermatologist's. That means a trip into Hollywood to the flagship of Kaiser, right next door practically to the headquarters of Scientology, also known as the flagship. I spent about five minutes with the doctor and the rest was driving and waiting room. I took a book.

I think maybe I need to get out more often. I drove down Union Ave., the street I used to take to work everyday. I would not have known where I was if someone had just planted me on that street. Most of the familiar landmarks are gone and have been replaced by multi-level condos and apartments. Nothing but plaster and concrete. And very expensive from what I hear. Maybe I don't want to go out after all.

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