Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I feel like I've been dragged through a knothole backwards, as my father used to say. I stayed up too late and got up way too early. My daughter surprised me last night with a surprise visit. She came over to stay until it was time to go and get in line to get tickets to hear Stephen Hawking who is speaking at Cal Tech this evening. In addition to adjusting to daylight savings time and the rain we're having I had to do laundry today. It's been a real blast, let me tell you.

After I dropped Lisa off at Cal Tech, at five in the morning, I came home and read blogs until it was time to pick her up. She got two tickets, one for her and one for her mom. I hope the rain stops by the time they have to go stand in line again to be admitted. I'm not going, even though I think it would be interesting. I just don't enjoy anything that involves crowds anymore.

Nothing new on the knitting front though. Still decreasing the raglan sweater. And trying not to lose my place.

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