Friday, January 20, 2006

Sometimes there's just no news

Sometimes there's just no news.

Things are pretty quiet around this blog. There's nothing really new to report. I am almost done with the bind off on the back of the Tzarina wrap. I should be able to pick up the stitches for the collar tomorrow and finish it by the end of the weekend. That's really all I've worked on this week. I did discover I'm missing a stitch. I can't find anything dropped so I'm assuming I didn't cast on enough when I joined the two fronts. I'm going with it the way it is. If something shows up later on I'll do whatever I need to do to fix it. Once this is done I'll spend the next couple of weeks finishing up some more stalled projects.

I'm still deciding which project to do for the Knitting Olympics. The Aran Pullover is the frontrunner but today I pulled out some cotton/acrylic blend from my stash and did a swatch. (Sirdar's Opium which I think is discontinued. I've had it for at least seven years.)I'm thinking maybe I should do something for the coming spring/summer season. I can still do something with cables to make it interesting. On the other hand I really ought to use the Jo Sharp Aran Tweed.

I'm also trying to organize my books and magazines. Right now I have a bunch stacked in the middle of my living room. Pat the Cat loves to sit on magazines so they're getting a bit strewn around. Tonight he was playing with his new catnip toy and rolling around on the books so they're even more strewn. I'll try to get them put away tomorrow night.

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