Sunday, January 08, 2006

Now at a new time

Now at a new time

I'm starting a new work schedule this week. I will be at Skein only three days per week instead of six. I'll be there on Wednesday, 10 to 8, Friday and Saturday 10 to 6. This is almost the same number of hours per week as I've been working, just rearranged and compacted into three days.

I've been thinking for sometime now that I'm not getting much me time and that many of the projects I want to work on would go better if I had larger blocks of time. So over the last holiday weekend I decided to tell Ann Mary that I needed to change my hours. It actually worked out better for her. She's hired another teacher to cover my former hours on Tuesday and Thursday and the new teacher can teach crochet as well as knitting. (I may even take a crochet class in a week or so.)

I will continue to go in on occasion to cover when Ann Mary has to be away. Like next weekend when she goes to TNNA. But today is my final regularly scheduled Sunday. It feels like the end of school or something.

We haven't seen the shoplifting suspect again but we're watching. Ann Mary was pretty shaken by the whole thing to the extent that she's wondering how many other times this might have happened, not just with this one woman but if there might have been others. She's not planning anything specific in the way of heightened security but is mulling over what options she might have. It's hard to come up with anything that isn't going to be alienating. So for the moment we're just trying to be more alert.

I made another one of those lumpy Shake hats, in black; I cast on for a wrap from Wrap Style and I'm tinking the current sock project. I got lost in the gusset decreases. I'm not much of a perfectionist but I do like to know that my gussets are correct. And I'm still trying to finish the red cotton sweater. If I can do six rounds per day I should be done by the end of this week.

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