Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Shake it off!

Shake it off!

It wasn't until after she left the shop that we noticed seven skeins of Karabella Gossamer missing. I had seen her looking at it. She was watching me and said she was just trying to match a color. I did not see her put it in her knitting bag though so I can't swear that she took it. But it is missing and no one else exhibited such an interest. And then she came back tonight, with her friend. She did not have her knitting bag but she had a large purse that was unzipped. It was really odd because Ann Mary and I were just discussing the whole thing. We couldn't say much of anything since no one actually saw her take the yarn but she sure got a lot of one on one attention, as did her companion.

I worked for a large department store chain for many years before I went into a different field. We had a whole staff that took care of this sort of thing. It's really bothering me to think that someone would actually steal from a yarn store. This woman knows where every yarn in the shop is located. She made a point of letting Ann Mary know that. We're also missing a shawl that was knit in the same yarn, different color. Ann Mary says the woman was also in the shop a day or so before she noticed the shawl was missing. The whole thing is just unsettling and I'm having a hard time shaking it off.

But the hat, which is made from Trendsetter Shake, is new. One of my students who is very fond of buying novelty yarns but not at all good at knitting with it gave me eight skeins of this yarn yesterday. Four in this color and four in black.(I think the yarn has been discontinued now though.) I've always thought this yarn would make a cute hat but didn't want to spring for the yarn. Now I don't have to. There are only thirty three yards in a skein so it took most of two. Sixty four stitch on a US 11 worked in stocking stitch.

I made the hat today while I worked with eight different students. Some were easy, some a little more demanding. One guy wanted to learn intarsia. He only had one color of yarn and no needles and he wasn't sure if he knew how to purl. I don't know what his objective is but he's got a way to go before he's ready for more than a simple square. He does know now how to purl, cast on and bind off. Then one brand new knitter who was a joy to teach. I love it when they get it right off! I'll have to think about her instead of that wretched, possible, thief.

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