Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I was amazed

I was amazed

at how quickly I pulled the needles out and raveled an afternoon's knitting. Only a couple of expletives that were perhaps excessive given the circumstances. And only a brief twinge of an urge to trash the yarn and needles and give up knitting forever.

I can't really blame it on surfing while I knit. There wasn't anything wrong with the knitting. Except there were four too few stitches. Always check your pattern first. I've made these mittens before, just in a smaller size. I thought I remembered how many stitches to cast on and the pattern repeat worked out okay. It did seem a bit different from mitten number one but I thought it was probably just me not recalling the previous mitten correctly. So I kept on.

When it was time to start the hand, after two and a half inches of K2tbl, P2, I decided to check to see how many rows I needed to work before the start of the thumb gusset. (Here's where the expletives occurred.) I really didn't want to send one red mitten to Mongolia so Off The Needles. Cast on the right number of stitches and am about half way back to where I was yesterday.

It's good for me. Right? If you knit, you will rip. Especially if you don't read your pattern first.

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