Thursday, February 24, 2005

Way too busy!

Way too busy!

You may recall that I said it was very slow on Tuesday. Well, that's certainly changed since then. Wednesday and today I was swamped. Yesterday was the worse. Everything was a problem that needed fixing. One took over two hours just to straighten out the dropped stitches and get things back in order before we could begin to pick them up. There were at least eight people sitting around me at one point. It's hard to not let it show that you're in a panic yourself.

I was really ready to get out of there when the Wednesday night teacher called as said she was stranded in Bakersfield (of all places) and couldn't make it in. Ann Mary asked me to stay so I did and picked up a couple of new students in the evening.

Today was busy as well but not like yesterday. The students were more spread out through the day and their problems were much simpler. Still eight people, including a couple of brand new knitters, can be overwhelming. Most everyone is patient and willing to wait. I do have one fairly regular student who constantly interrupts and refuses to acknowledge that there are other people waiting. And she doesn't hesitate to tell other people what they should with their projects. I know she has some psychological problems but after a couple of hours of dealing with her the temptation to say something rude is almost too hard to resist.

But it's Thursday night knitting group night so it doesn't matter what happened during the day. Attendance has been a little low during the flu and rain season but should start to pick up now that we've have two consecutive days of sunlight.