Wednesday, February 23, 2005



Never mind the paleness of the blue, or the slightly grey wispy clouds, there is actual sunshine outside today. Rejoice and be glad! If this keeps up the lake that is our parking lot may empty enough so that we can take our accumulated garbage to the dumpster. Well, I actually waded through the lake but some of my neighbors have been waiting and the bags sitting outside their front doors are beginning to fester. I hope they seize this chance because I just heard that the rain may be back on Sunday. Carpe diem, baby!

Ann Mary has been out for a couple of days so it's been a little short handed at the shop. Well, yesterday, that didn't really matter as it was way slow. Odd, since Tuesday is usually one of the busiest days. I'm blaming it on the rain, of which there was plenty. I did have a couple of students, one of whom is a teacher at another shop. Nice lady. But she has a very limited knowledge of knitting. I really think one needs to know about increases and more than one way of casting on if one is going to teach. But I guess it's a start. And she promised to come back for more.

I succeeded in not starting a new project. I did get started on the heel flap of the Yukon Falling Leaves socks. I'll see how far I get tonight.

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