Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Taking it easy

Taking it easy

Patrick has been upgraded. He now has this snazzy wicker basket instead of the Staples cardboard box that he has put up with for the last year. Lisa brought this to him last weekend. He was getting a little big for the cardboard box. So, first class instead of economy.

It was a little slow for me yesterday but today was good. Almost like a party. I have one group of knitters that always come together. They're all good friends and love teasing one another. They decided about a month ago to learn to knit. They're all making the same hat. The competition is fierce but friendly. And they're actually very supportive of one another.

Another student came in to finish her multi-directional scarf and to get started on her first pair of socks. She had recently taken a workshop at another store on making a felted bag. It was interesting to hear the difference in teaching styles. It amazes me to hear that some people still think there's only one way to do something.

Started a new shop sample today. Another poncho! I'm using Souffle from K1C2 and their pattern for a drop stitch fabric. There's not enough to show yet but it's basically stockinette. You drop every sixth stitch when you're done and let them run the length of the knitting. Sew the two pieces along the shoulders. And that's it. Not interesting, but fast.

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