Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another day in which I don't get anything done

Another day in which I don't get anything done

Some times at the end of a day I feel like I've managed to do something constructive. Other days are less remarkable, either because stuff happened that got in the way or I was just in a moping mood. Today is one of those days where I get to do stuff that isn't necessarily going to add to my knitting accomplishments or result in a tidier living room.

I'm having a late breakfast with a guy I used to work with. I've known him for ten or twelve years. And now he's leaving Southern California and moving back to Michigan, from whence he came. There's a backstory to this but it's his story, not mine. Anyway. I'll probably get to see him a few more times before the final move but this is the first of the last times.

And then there's my stint at Skein in the middle of the day. Only three hours but still it keeps me from doing anything around here. I had some really good days at Skein this week and a couple of ones where I was able to do some serious shop sample knitting.

Right after I leave Skein I'm going to the other side of LA to have dinner with my oldest friend, Robert. Ostensibly it's for Oscar viewing but mostly it'll be about wine and what's been happening since we last got together. And I probably won't get home until close to midnight.

Tomorrow looks more promising though. The need to do laundry has become critical so I'll be hanging out around the laundry room. I have to start early, before that lady with the three small ones gets in there, or I'll be all day checking to see if the room is available. I don't mind waiting for my turn but I really get ticked when someone goes off for the day and leaves their laundry in the washer and the dryer. But, I'll be knitting between loads. And playing with the cat. The one that thinks I'm home just to entertain him all day.

No yarn acquisition for two weeks. But I did order a couple of books from No new projects started. I don't count shop projects.

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