Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The beat goes on

The beat goes on

So. I got my car back late yesterday. And my diagnosis was correct. It was the alternator. Not that I know anything about cars and their innards. It's just that a similar thing happened on another vehicle. Sometimes experience is as good as knowledge. I guess that whirring, whining noise I've been hearing for the past few months was not just the car's old age. The noise is gone now. At least I was close to home and able to get into my garage. And all those years of paying for roadside service finally paid off. No charge for towing is a good thing.

The rains and thunderstorms are still with us for another couple of days. The sun is shining right now but to the north and west the sky is a very dark grey. We might even get some hail later today. It was painful to pay for but I'm glad we had a new roof put on the condos a few years ago. I know people who have serious leaks and no hope of getting them repaired for a while. There are palm fronds all along the sidewalks and in the street so it looks a little desolated but it's no where near as bad as some of the towns closer to the beach or in the foothills. There hasn't been any work on the condo that's abuilding across the street. Too much rain.

I did get re-started on the shop sample poncho yesterday and have about three inches done. Not much else happened. Mostly I took naps and played Free Cell. I really wanted to start something new but kept telling myself not until I finish something. Who knows when that will be? As much as I enjoy knitting I'm surprisingly uninterested right now. On the other hand I'm not comfortable with not doing something. So I pick up a project, work on it for a bit and put it down. I guess that's progress but it's so meagre. I wound some yarn Sunday night while we tried to get a decent picture. No picture but I sure would like to see how that yarn's going to look. Maybe just a swatch wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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