Monday, January 03, 2005

It's a New Year, after all!

I couldn't help but notice as I was reading "My Blogs" this morning the number of references to "what you do on New Year's Day is a prediction of what you will do the rest of the year" thingie. I really, really, really hope this is not true. That would certainly make this coming year one of my least productive, but I would be getting a lot of sleep. I did a little knitting and took lots of naps.

I didn't watch the Parade although I could hear the bands and the cheering crowds when the Parade finally got to my house. It's about an hour after the Parade starts before it actually gets this far down Colorado Blvd. A couple of hours later and it was all over for another year. All that's left are mounds of debris and empty bleachers. But the weather was wonderfully cooperative. Bright, sunny morning. After the parade was over the clouds moved in and the rest of the day was dark and gloomy.

I had to go out for a while yesterday. No food in the house. So long as I was out anyway I stopped by Unravel in Monrovia to see how it's going over there. They finally got some overhead lights so they should be opening more hours. Christine said she'd be sending emails later this week with the class schedule and the new hours. I got three skeins of Araucania Wool in a mushroom color and four balls of Tahki's Shannon. I need some sock appropriate yarn in ultraviolet to make socks for one of my students. So far no luck on that. I may just end up using some Jaeger Merino Superwash.

I'm supposed to go to lunch today with a former co-worker but I'm going to cancel since my cold is worse rather than better. Plus we're in the middle of a series of thunderstorms. I'd rather not deal with the chaos that is California drivers in the rain. It's really dark here. So no pictures yet.

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