Friday, January 07, 2005


I mean the weather, not my cold. My cold is nearly gone or almost completely masked by the Coricidin I finally broke down and bought last night. But the weather cold is just beginning. Rain, heavy rain, is predicted for today and tomorrow with still more rain for the following couple of days. If my theory holds true we should be very busy at Skein. Rain just brings 'em out. And they're noisy and rowdy.

I finished another scarf last night at our Thursday night group. A simple, one skein thing using Artful Yarns' Shakespeare. The pattern is on the ball band. And I also finished a poncho using Southwest Tradings' soy silk ribbon, except for the fringe which I will do today while I'm at Skein, if I'm not too busy. Is it true that ponchos are out? I just got the Berroco newsletter this morning and their new books seem to have plenty of ponchos of assorted kinds. Well, I won't tell anyone.

It turns out that the person who wanted ultra violet for her socks really meant primrose. Glad I showed her a sample before I started. I looked through my stash but didn't find anything suitable. I did find some Brown Sheep Nature Spun in Victorian pink. I've started a pair of socks in that using a pattern from Rita Buchanan's Socks, a book I got for myself from The pattern is called Girly Girl. My scanner is defunct so I can't get a picture. But they are really just what the name suggests.

It was almost depressing and at the same time stimulating to look through my stash. Depressing because there's probably no way I could ever knit all that I have. Stimulating because I have so many fantastic yarns that I've managed to forget. What a dilemma! I'd better go get started.

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