Friday, January 28, 2005

Something in the water?

Something in the water?

Well, it rained today. And just as I expected it would be, it was wild and crazy at Skein. What is it about a rainy day that impels people to go shopping? We don't even have decent parking. Maybe they think there won't be anyone else out. Or maybe it's just because they can't do anything else.

I did have a good day though. Five students and a few quick questions. The only problem was that they all came at the same time. But none of them were brand new so it wasn't as crazy as it might have been. Three friends who all wanted to learn how to cast on and do the purl stitch. Another wanted to learn to make a hat. And one who needed help undoing her bind off because she forgot she had another skein to go. Just your average rainy day.

I didn't get to leave on time. It was just too busy. Ann Mary owes me big time. I sold an armload of cashmere for a poncho. And yarn for several scarves. So I got home about two hours late. I've had dinner, played with Patrick and cleaned the kitchen. Now it's me time. Knitting as long as I can.

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