Thursday, January 27, 2005

Never too late

Never too late

If I hurry I can still make this a Thursday post. I just got home from the Thursday night knitting group. Everyone seemed to need to spend some extra time together so the talk just kept going. And we had a mini-yarn redistribution. One of the group who has a serious yarn acquisition addiction brought a box and a bag of yarn she decided she needed to get rid of before her next batch arrived. I brought home eighteen skeins of red merino super wash sport weight. Enough for at least six pairs of socks.

It's turned cold again and we're expecting more rain although there were plenty of stars to see on the way home. We still have plenty of winter yarns to get rid of before we start putting out the new spring yarns that have started to arrive. We did get in a big shipment of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in both worsted and bulky weights. Felting seems to be attracting more and more people. I still haven't tried it but some of the new patterns are beginning to call to me. I guess it's not too late to catch that particular bandwagon.

I managed a few more rows on the Girly Girl socks and am almost through the second skein of the pink/lavender scarf. I spilled coffee on the Koigu shop sample that I have almost finished so I'll have to give it a good wash once I sew up the two side seams. Yeah, I'm that close. I don't think we even have any Koigu left. Or if we do there's not enough to make this sweater. But we'll be getting more, eventually. Maybe late in the summer. But it's never too late for Koigu.

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