Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's raining. It's pouring.
The old man is snoring.

I wish. Instead it's "Hi, ho, hi, ho! It's off to work we go!" Another late night at Skein. I have some semi-promises from some of my regular daytime students that they will be in, but since it's raining again here in sunny Southern California there may be a few fair-weather folks who don't show. That's okay though as I'm also expecting someone who wants to design and rebuild her whole approach to knitting and her stash. That'll be fun. Don't get too many chances to brainstorm since I retired.

This is what I got done last night on the breast cancer scarf. Whadda ya think? Would you buy this if you saw it at a bazaar or in a boutique? There's a lot I like about it. It's cotton, it's nubby and it's a pretty color. But is it flashy enough to attract attention? Should I give it to the glitz? I think it'll be about five feet long when it's done.

The pattern is called "Fan Fair" in Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. It's exactly the same pattern as the Jo Sharp design in Scarf Style. Whatever. It's easy to do and goes pretty fast.

What is vic*din and why do so many people want me to buy it? For that matter, why would I need a free mortgage calculator or an imitation designer watch? I haven't heard from the folks in Nigeria for a while so I guess they found someone to help them with their currency exchange problems. But it's nice to be so well loved.

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