Thursday, January 20, 2005

No KC, or almost none

I've noticed that many knit bloggers will post a recipe or some such thing when they have no knitting content. Others, like myself, will talk about the weather. And a few will turn to politics in sometimes not so subtle ways.

Well, I don't discuss politics and I'm not such a fantastic cook that I feel my recipes make scintillating reading (although the apple bread I made for Christmas was exceptional). So that leaves the weather.

Did you know it's been in the upper 80s here? The tourists are running around in cutoffs and t-shirts. And people are going on about how hot it is. It's always like this in January. We used to get tans between semesters. And it'll be cold, relatively, again by next Monday. And maybe some more rain by midweek.

It's also the 20th. That's the day I usually write checks for all my monthly operating expenses. Well, it's the day I start thinking about doing it. I guess for some Jan. 20, is a little more significant.

Now the reason I have almost no knitting content: there isn't going to be any for a few days. My left hand is hurting so much that I can barely move it. I'm hoping that taking a few days off will help. I may be getting a cotisone shot. One of our customers is a doctor and she has offered to give me the injection if my Kaiser doctor won't.

I did finally finish the shop sweater sample but I ran out of yarn before I could get it completely assembled. I'm looking through stuff around here to see if I have something that will work. If not I'll just sew it with regular sewing thread.

I was able to finish the knitting yesterday because it's been a slow couple of days at Skein. There has been a steady flow of yarn seekers, just not the hordes that we've come to expect. I stayed late yesterday to cover the Wednesday night class but no one showed up by seven so I came home and played with the cat. And talked about the weather in Idaho with my brother. It's uncharacteristically warm up there. Did you know that?

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