Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday already?

Seems like we just had Wednesday. Maybe it's because my days follow such a routine that I just lose track. I don't know if I'm working tonight or not. I hope not. I seem to have less and less time for knitting. Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time reading blogs and following links.

I did manage four pattern repeats on the Girly Girl socks last night and that was only about an hour's time. Couldn't stay awake. Spent an hour on the phone with Carol. She calls almost every Tuesday night and we play catch-up. She used to come to Skein quite often when we were in Arcadia and closer to her home. Now I rarely see her. She doesn't come to the Thursday night group anymore as she has to get up too early to stay late. And I found out that my forty year old oven can still bake a store-bought pizza just fine. And I ate the whole thing without stopping. Just like when I was forty years younger. When Skein was in Arcadia there was a Shakey's Pizzaparlor right next door. I used to have pizza at least once a week. I think this is the first time I've had pizza since we moved last March.

The giftee of the Girly Girl socks came by Skein yesterday. She got to see the one sock that I've finished and is very happy. She hadn't expected anything so fancy. This isn't kind but I have to tell you. I nearly laughed out loud when she came in. She's wearing a huge artificial hydrangea on top of her head, slightly off center. It's flopping around like it's going to fall. Hidden underneath the hydrangea is a tiny little wire cage that she's put over her topknot. Wisps of multi-colored hair are sticking out in all directions. She asked me if I thought she looked like she was fifty seven. The student I had at the time is a professional hair stylist. I thought she was very kind not to have said anything. Well, you just had to be there.

I'm not sure if I'm going to the big TNNA trade show this weekend. Ann Mary is trying to arrange coverage for Skein on Sunday so we can both go. I have this sinking feeling that it's not going to work out as she hasn't said anything since last week. I'd like to go but I'll be okay with it if I don't.

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