Monday, January 24, 2005

Mixed messages

It was a fairly low-key weekend. Skein was busy but not crazy busy. I had seven students on Saturday and none yesterday. Ann Mary was away from the shop, attending the TNNA show in Long Beach. So on Saturday her husband, KC, and her sister were there to cover for her. And Sunday it was just KC.

The original plan was for me to go today. And I'd have liked to but I decided that it was more important for Ann Mary to have at least one day off. She had already finished what she needed to do and was just going to go back today so I could go. (You can't get in unless you're a member or are with a member.) Actually we both need this one day a week away from the shop.

I finally got my flu shot on Friday night. And had my blood pressure checked. It's still way too high so I have to work harder at getting exercise and reducing my carb intake. And try to relax more. My favorite relaxation is knitting and I'm not able to do much of that right now. My left hand is much better but still acts up when I knit for more than a few minutes. So it's slow going on most of my current projects. I'd like to finish the Girly Girl socks today but I don't think I can. Well, I can take the pain but I don't think I'd be doing myself any good in the long run.

So my other relaxation is yarn shopping. I actually have a legitimate reason for going today. There's a big fund raising event planned for the end of next month. It's a breast cancer event so several shops are collecting scarves, purses and hats to donate to the event. And they want pink. So I'm going looking for pink glitz. Not something I have in stash.

I've been trying to get my RSS feed thing going. Lisa was over last night and neither of us could figure out what we're supposed to do. Seems like we can almost get there but some things aren't clear. And then I'd like to get Bloglines going. That's even more mysterious. If you've done either or both of these things and have any suggestions or tutorials I'd love to hear from you. We did manage to get SiteMeter installed so I can check stats again. Haven't had that since last October when Blogger discontinued their bStats.

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