Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shopping on purpose

It's easier to find something you want when you don't have anything in mind than it is to find something you want when you do have something in mind. I went looking for something interesting in pink to make a scarf for the breast cancer fund raiser. I looked and looked. I've seen so much furry, funky, fuzzy glitz that I just can't get excited about it. The more I looked the less I liked it.

I finally settled for some definitely not glitzy Paris Rainbow from Plymouth Yarns. I'm going to do some kind of variation on the feather and fan pattern. I need to have this done by Feb. 20.

Further evidence that you shouldn't go out shopping looking for something specific. I need some medium grey slacks to go with a navy blazer. How easy should that be? I went to Macy's. They didn't have anything, not even at $115. As if I would pay that much for some slacks I'm probably going to wear once. Men's Wearhouse didn't have anything either. There's a Ross Dress for Less store in the same neighborhood. I don't usually go there because I don't like the atmosphere. They had one pair of slacks in my size. It was the right color and size. The fit is fine. Geoffrey Beene for $11.99. For that kind of money I can put up with a little chaotic ambience.

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