Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I can't think of anything that stresses me more than when my computer starts doing unfamiliar things. Even six beginning knitters gathered around the table doesn't get to me like this.

A friend of mine who knows a thing or two about computers decided I should have a different virus scanning system. I've always had Norton but now I have AVG. It's a free download and he said he had replaced Norton with it on all three of his computers. So I said okay. Well, the install took a lot longer than it was supposed to and I was half an hour late at Skein this morning. That didn't help my stress level a whole lot. And I keep getting a message when I open that there's a Trojan Horse hiding somewhere. He thinks that's a mistake but I don't know. I keep telling it to heal and I can keep going but it always comes back when I start up again. And now there's a soft clicking sound coming from my CPU that wasn't there before, and a little blinking light next to the on/off button that I don't think was there before.

Some of my email ended up in Outlook Express instead of Yahoo and I haven't figured out how to get it moved. I can survive that. And I've changed the default back to Yahoo, so at least that's back to normal. Now I just have to get used to the new type size that he set. I also know how to change that back if I want to. Oh well, enough about that.

When I finally got to Skein today it was packed. Ann Mary and I didn't even say more than "Good morning" until after 2:30. I had students the whole time. The back stock area is so full of new inventory, still in boxes, that we have to stand to have our lunch. You have to keep moving so the stock person can keep doing his job. I was really glad when 4 o'clock came.

But I had a nice evening. A friend took me to dinner at a Mexican place that I hadn't been to before. The food was excellent. We went to Starbucks afterwards and worked out some details of a sweater pattern that she's using. Just the kind of thing that I love. Good company, good food and good knitting.

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