Friday, September 17, 2004

Corina comes back

You don't know Corina. She's one of my students from last spring who just evaporated. We didn't know where she'd gone or if something had happened. It turns out that she just took the summer off. Now that the weather's cooler she's ready to get going again. And that seems to be the case with lots of folks. We had about two hours of pandemonium today. New people, returning people and well as lots of regulars. I only had Corina as a student so I spent most of the day selling people lots of gorgeous, expensive yarn.

We finally got some of the new Trendsetter yarns last night. I was selling out of the back room a lot of the time. Stuff that's not even marked yet. Trendsetter doesn't have a web site but you can see most of the stuff here.

I started a new shop sample today using some of the Koigu. Using one of their patterns for a child's pullover. The yarn is nice enough but the colors are what makes it so exceptional. I did have some splitting problems but generally it's a breeze to work with. So I'll be spending some time on that tonight. And the baby poncho.

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