Wednesday, September 22, 2004

No more kvetching

So, I'm done with complaining about my computer and my lack of knowledge. I've received some very helpful suggestions and am moving, slowly, but moving toward getting things under control. But just as a sidenote, AVG found nine infected files that Norton had not identified. I don't think I had the actual virus, just the stuff that would have enabled it to download. Could be wrong about that but all traces have been healed or put in a vault so I'm feeling better about the new protection system.

What am I knitting? I've made a small start on my aran sweater. The gauge was right on. I've started the neckband. It's slow going because of the number of stitches and the PTbl that happens on every other row. I think I have about and inch to go. I managed quite a few rows on the Koigu sweater today though while I was at Skein.

It was pretty slow most of the day. Strange after such a hectic day yesterday. I did have three students show up about an hour before I was supposed to leave so I ended up staying about an hour over. And I had a couple of people earlier in the day. So it was pretty good overall, for me at least.

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