Thursday, September 16, 2004


We're at that wonderful time of year just between "Man! It's hot outside!" and "Man! I can't believe how cold it is!" It's not quite officially autumn but it's close enough for me.

The kids being back in school and the cooler weather has meant an increase in traffic at Skein. I've been averaging five or six new students per day plus all the people who are just picking up their knitting and don't know where they left off. The new fall yarns continue to arrive. Today we finally put our first shipment of Koigu on the shelves. Personally, I'd have chosen a wider color range, more brights and clearer colors, but I wasn't involved. We're just glad to have it. It's taken almost nine months for it to get here. I think Ann Mary said there were ten different colors.

We had our Thursday night group on Wednesday this week. Such a genial group! I worked on three different projects, all of which I managed to mangle to some extent. You know you're in trouble when a garter stitch scarf goes amok. And the I turned and went the wrong way in the hood of the child's poncho, stockinette stitch. I did get the ends woven in on the two scarves I just finished so it wasn't a complete loss. Came home to a ball of yarn wound around all the chairs in the living room. Patrick doesn't usually bother my knitting but I think I must have knocked the ball off the table as I was leaving and that was just too tempting. We've had a talk about it though.

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