Monday, September 06, 2004

One Oh Two, in the shade

At least that's what's predicted for today. Much better than the original projection of 106. It's very normal for Labor Day Weekend. I hope the weather people are proved wrong just like the earthquake predicters. We were supposed to have earthquakes on Saturday or Sunday according to a group of serious scientists. I haven't seen anything in the news about this for a while but I'm very happy that it didn't happen.

I pretty much took the day off from knitting yesterday. My wrists and the back of my hands were hurting to the point that it was unpleasant. I have a shop sample that I was hoping I'd get done this weekend so I'll try again today. I'll try working for shorter periods and take lots of breaks. Several people have suggested yoga but I don't know anything about that. I've always relied on conventional medical approaches to take care of my aches and pains. I thought of yoga as some sort of weird alternative witch doctor thing. Right up there with snake charming and sword swallowing.

I'm willing to give it a try though. I will talk to my doctor as well. I don't want to rely on pills and I don't want to give up knitting, even for a short period. So we'll see.

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