Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Art imitates life or is that life imitates art? The final episode was pretty emotional but felt genuine. All the families remained true to themselves. But I did think some of the scenes were a little melodramatic. But what the heck. I found the whole thing very enjoyable. Too bad about Mark and Karen. Nate and Kristen are so happy. They're both terrific. I wonder if Gordon will continue to mow his own lawn. Adrienne was very impressive in her summation. Lots of strong character there. But you gotta love the kids. All of them. So that's it for Frontier House.

I reknit the armhole decreases on the lavender sweater. I like them much better. I decided to decrease one stitch at each end of every row instead of two stitches at each end of every right side row. I think the slant of the decreases should follow the direction of the decrease and this does. So I'm back on track and have started the front.

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