Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Well, I'm up to date on all the knit blogs. Lots of folks were very busy. I spent my holiday cooking and drinking wine. Lots of fun but lots of work. I could use a sous chef to help with the clean up. I made the chocolate cake from the recipe at Not Martha. Anyway it was delicious. I added a powdered sugar glaze to make it pretty. And some vanilla ice cream to make it sinful. I have lots left over so this will be a good week.

Today I'm working on the lavender top for Lisa. I'm thinking it might be a little small. The upper half is worked in a K2P2 rib so it pulls in a lot. I'm hoping it will flatten out when I wash and block it. It's pretty mindless knitting so it's perfect for recovering from too much wine.

I'm going to walk over to Michael's and get a skein of Wool Ease Chunky to make a hat. (See Compulsively Crafty.) I imagine I have something in my stash that would work, but this is faster than finding it.