Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Episode Two: The Plot Thickens. Loved the wedding. Don't know if the Glenn's marriage is really in trouble, and the Clunes are still very LA. Staying home tomorrow night for the conclusion.

I finished the back of the current project and have decided I don't like the armhole decreases. Berroco has a tendency to overdo the fullfashion decrease. So I've got to figure out a new way to decrease two stitches at the beginning and end of every right side row. The way it's done now is just too home made looking for my tastes. Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to try consecutive SSK and K2tog and see how it looks.

Had to rip out the ribbing for the front of the orange Cotton Classic. I don't know how I did this but I cast on 103 stitches instead of the 116 I needed. I didn't notice this until I couldn't get the pattern repeat to work out. I've redone it and am ready to start the pattern. What's with all the problems lately?

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