Monday, May 13, 2002

I'm not sure how I feel about Pimpernel Loamsdown.

Summer has arrived, at least temporarily, in Pasadena. I'm not ready.

So now I'm making a new sweater (shop sample) from Trendsetter's Blossom. The yarn's a little tricky to work with. It's very fuzzy with a thin core that you have to be sure to catch everytime. You don't want to even think about dropping a stitch. The pattern I'm using is a Trendsetter pattern for a young child. The stitch pattern is called Ruffle. Four rows of garter stitch, increase in every stitch on the fourth row. Ten rows stockinette, decrease across last row by working two stitches together. It's an easy pattern but I think it will be a little difficult to put together since you really can't see the individual stitches very well.

Still working on the orange Cotton Classic. Getting close. Hope to take some pictures of this one.

I really enjoyed all the Mother's Day posts. Sounds like everyone had a good day.

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