Saturday, May 11, 2002

Yesterday I went back to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I took a friend of mine, Carole, to see the sights. She was very impressed. I met Ginger Smith, one of the owners, a fabulous knitter and instructor. I didn't buy anything this time.

I worked at Skein in the afternoon. Two new students plus one returning for more. They were all there at about the same time so it was a little crazy. One of the ladies tried to learn about ten years ago at Mariposa, a shop in Pasadena where I was working part time. I didn't know her then. She was working with Sandra, a very dear friend. Sandra has since passed away. There was this strange connection to her through this new student. Lots of happy memories as well as the sadness.

Another of the students had been taught by her sister who had only managed to get her started. So I taught her how to decrease and how to do ribbing. She's only staying here for about a month while her husband is in training for a new position in Texas. They're moving from Colorado. She's a little concerned about the change of locale.

Barbara, the returning student, is now working on a second project. This is pretty brave of her but she's determined that she can do this. I felt really sad for her. She had a heart attack about a year ago and has now been told that her latest mammogram has produced some suspicious results. I hope the knitting works for her. She says it helps her to stay calm.

I'm still plugging away on the orange top. I think I'm about half way done with the front. I decided to rip out the lavender top I was working on. Something happened to my row gauge when I started the front. There was no way I was going to get the two pieces to line up when I put them together.

Oops! time to go to work. Now I'm going to be late.

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