Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Spent the evening with friends, Leah and Joanne. I worked on the Trendsetter shop sample while they tried to figure out how to shape the neckband on a cape. They were both so busy trying to have their own opinion win that they never figured out what to do. But we had a good time. The shop sample is not going well. I think there's a serious mistake in the dimensions and/or the gauge given in the pattern. The back of the sweater is as wide as the finished piece is supposed to be around. I didn't work a swatch this time. I'm usually right on gauge. So now I get to start over.

We decided to cancel the Wednesday night needlework group. Just not enough interest. So tomorrow night will be the last night for that. We're talking about just meeting at Joanne's home on Tuesday night and will probably invite a few people to join us.

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