Friday, December 14, 2007

A yarn a day, or thereabouts

Who needs to go shopping when you have such great friends? People who know me know that yarn acquisition is my passion. And they also know that I like nice stuff. For example this X-mas Rock Socks that Rock yarn. A Christmas gift from one of my knitting buddies. The red part is actually a lot richer and deeper than you see here. I'm almost done with my holiday knitting and I'll be free to start some more socks.

And how about this? The two skeins of Colinette that I got at last week's knitting group party. Still mulling what to do with this. Possibly something in seed stitch to show off the colors. And maybe alternating the two yarns every two rows. What would Jared do?


lexa said...

Ooooooo, look at that Socks That Rock! I think you've got the right idea for the other two skeins, too. Very nice gifts indeed!

mehitabel said...

Pretty yarn! Love that STR colorway! And Colinette's Iona is a wonderful yarn to work with. I think the knitters definitely know what's what!

Bess said...

wow I've got to chime in with a ditto about the STR colorway. Almost enough to get me to take out my fiber dyes. Yum!

Happy week before Christmas to you sugar.

Scattered Gemini said...

The Xmas Rock is cool. I'll look farward to seeing what you make with the Colinette!