Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The almost really awful knitting day

It started off well enough. I finished the heel flap, turned the heel and completed the gusset decreases on the Jitterbug socks. No problems. And that's where things began to fall apart.

I had started a pair of half-finger gloves. I've made these gloves before. In the same yarn but a different color. I was well into the pattern without any problems. But the whole thing was just too big. Way bigger than the last time I made them. Started over on a smaller needle but the yarn is just too thick and splits like crazy when worked on the smaller needles.

So I abandoned that pattern and started looking for something that would work. I found a pattern I could modify and got started over, using a different yarn this time. Cast on and started knitting. With the tail. Started over and worked two rows. The next row I did with the tail. Started over and got about ten rows done and then dropped a stitch that I couldn't recover. The yarn I'm using is very soft and it's easy to fray it if you're not super careful.

Spent some time looking for a different yarn. I know it's here but haven't found it yet. I'll be looking some more this morning. And for a different pattern as well.

But all was not lost.

It was delicious. Just the right juiciness. And sweet but not too sweet. I hope those other ones are ready some time soon.


Anonymous said...

Now you know what knitting is always like for me - stuff just happens (you have excuses, I have none!)

Your orange looks fabulous. Enjoy!


Monika said...

We all have those moments. I recently knit with the tail as well, felt kind of silly. Oh well, there's always another day. :o)